We work on all types of boats from charter fishing boats, recreational ski boats and everything in between. We ensure our work meets all marine-grade standards of installation so that regardless of how many passengers you have, you have the peace-of-mind that the installation was done right.

Marine-Grade Electronics

marine_audio_medAll of the marine electronics we offer are truly marine-grade products. They aren’t just painted white and stamped with “marine”; we take pride in the fact we do not compromise on substandard electronics for our client’s boats. As the coast environment can be harsh, we simply don’t take any chances. We take pride in providing our clients the requisite information on the differences between standard car electronics and marine electronics so that they can make informed decisions.

Full Marine Audio Systems

We can install a complete marine audio system that is designed to overcome the noises of the water, wind and also takes into account the boat has (largely) open spaces that are an entirely different environment than a car interior. Typically we stagger the marine audioposition of speakers to gain more even sound distribution and pair them with appropriately sized amplifiers that boost the sound levels to overcome ambient noises. We also pay attention to the added electrical requirements so that the boat’s primary and secondary battery banks do not get over taxed. Our expert marine installation technicians have years of experience in this area and there is no installation too big or too small.

Custom Subwoofer Enclosures

We can build custom subwoofer solutions into the boat where, many times, you need not even see the subwoofer(s). This retains more room for seating and storage and keeps the subwoofer cones out of harm’s way. While every boat solution is different, we have the requisite fabrication capacity to create just about any solution that can be upholstered or finished to look as if it was an original part of the boat.

Wakeboard or Ski Towers

JL_Audio_MX770_ETXv3_SG_TB-2We also install specialty speakers intended for wakeboard or ski towers. These are designed to project the sound well behind the boat so that the skier can hear the music. These also double as great party speakers when anchored around other boats. Their highly efficient design makes them very effective with moderately powered amplifiers, something again which our knowledgeable system designers always consider.

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